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Former U-Md. b-ball star Greivis Vasquez voices support for Ehrlich


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Last night former University of Maryland basketball star Greivis Vasquez was drafted in the first round by the NBA’s Memphis Grizzlies.

Today Vasquez gives his support for Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Ehrlich.

(See slideshows of Ehrlich here and here.)

Vasquez and Ehrlich share many of the same ideals concerning family and education.

The two became friends over the course of the Vasquez’s career in College Park.

Vasquez has been an occasional shooting coach for Ehrlich and his sons, Drew and Josh.

“We should all support the governor,” Vasquez said in endorsement of Ehrlich.

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  • Jon 4 years ago

    This is much better compared to when Mike Tyson threw his support around Steele!

  • Jon 4 years ago

    Also, what is the point of including a slideshow of the MD mens basketball team?