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Former stay-at-home-mom is published author, newspaper editor; Advent Phoenix a fun read

Try Advent Phoenix for a fun read. Carol's 2nd book, Dictates of Conscience, is available on Kindle.
Try Advent Phoenix for a fun read. Carol's 2nd book, Dictates of Conscience, is available on Kindle.
Image Courtesy of Carol Parsons

Carol Parsons was a stay-at-home-mom and pastor’s wife for most of her four children’s childhood. She is still a pastor’s wife, but now that all but one of her children are grown, she also works as the managing editor for the Colorado City Record and has published her second book.

Carol’s had a busy life. She and her husband, Bruce, make their home in a small community in Nolan County, where Bruce serves as a pastor. Carol and Bruce, who is also a teacher now, homeschooled their children while they were in the mission field in Ecuador, where they served for 10 years.

Carol worked as a substitute teacher when all her kids had entered public education, but even on the days she worked, she was home when her kids got home.

One of the things she loved best about being a stay-at-home-mom was the opportunity to constantly learn new things with her kids. “I haven’t lost that attitude and enjoy my job because I’m still learning new things,” she said. She has worked as a newspaper editor for the past two-and-one-half years, having received a journalism degree from Oklahoma Baptist University.

Carol has been a writer all of her life, and wrote her first published book, Advent Phoenix, when she was in college.

If you enjoy adventure, strong characters, an intense plot, and a little romance, then you will enjoy Advent Phoenix.

The main character in this sci-fi thrill, Morgain Treleyne, has a troubled past and lives a dangerous life as a smuggler. Her escapades are known to many all over the galaxy. That dangerous life allows her access to information that helps her defend the peace-loving Patriots. Her many battles bring her to discover where she came from, her purpose in life, and even love.

Carol’s second novel, Dictates of Conscience is the second in the Journals of Peregrine series. Although some of the main characters live on in following books, each book in this series can be read alone.
“I don’t want to do a series where my readers have to read every single one to figure out how the story ends,” Carol said. “I absolutely hate getting to the end of a book and discovering I’ve got to find three more to finish.” That is why she says each book is an individual story, complete in and of itself.

You can purchase Dictates of Conscience on Kindle now. She is working to get the following novel, Raklin, on Kindle as well. Peregrine is another book in the series. Advent Phoenix is available by request at any Hastings, Books-a-Million or Barnes and Nobles and can be ordered directly through Publish America.

Find a few pages of her novels on her website at where you can also learn more about her books and about Carol herself.



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