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Former Senator welcomed home by clergy

Former Senator Shirley Huntley and Family with Rev. Ernestine Sanders
Former Senator Shirley Huntley and Family with Rev. Ernestine Sanders
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Former NYS Senator Shirley Huntley was welcomed home by Clergy United for Community Empowerment (CUCE), a group of Southeast Queens Clergy, at their monthly breakfast meeting. The Senator recently completed ten months of a one year prison sentence in connection to fraud charges stemming from a tax payer funded charity.

The welcome celebration was at the conclusion of CUCE meeting after community announcements and the sponsor message were completed. The meeting, which typically deals with political issues and was recently the scene of a showdown between NYS Senate candidates, was completed void of politics. There were no elected officials in attendance. However, several community representatives from the offices of local elected officials were present to share upcoming community events and information. Congressman Gregory Meeks’ office was the only exception to the non-political tone. He sent a message through his representative about his upcoming bid for re-election. The result was that CUCE decided, with a reservation or two from individuals present, to endorse the candidate for re-election.

The former Senator made no speeches. She greeted well wishers and chatted with friends. Her husband and daughter were in attendance and spoke about how happy they were to have her home. Overall, guests were supportive and receptive.

As for the former Senator, although not working in any official capacity, she continues to help people, especially women. She found, during her time away, that many women are in need of support and advice. Mrs. Huntley mentioned representing a group called Women for Freedom and said she will continue to help women “especially those who have been unfairly incarcerated”.