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Former president of Rottweiler rescue, where dead dogs were found, is found dead

Former president of Rottweiler rescue found dead
Former president of Rottweiler rescue found dead
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On Friday afternoon, the former president of a Davis, Calif., Rottweiler rescue which recently came under scrutiny following the discovery of dead and starving dogs, was found dead at her home, reported Saturday's CBS Sacramento News.

Elaine Greenberg, 74, headed up Second Chance Rottweiler Rescue until a board member discovered severely neglected dogs at the property on July 23 and alerted the authorities; Greenberg was subsequently removed from her position as president.

On the rescue organization's website, Greenberg's possibly poor health, prior to her death, is referenced. The website described Greenberg's condition on the day that the board member visited the property in late July:

She did not look well when she finally emerged. In fact, she appeared to the volunteer (who is not a doctor) to have suffered some sort of medical issue, possibly a stroke or some sort of mental confusion. The volunteer noticed a dramatic change in Ms. Greenberg’s appearance and demeanor. Because of his concern, the volunteer asked if he could take her to the hospital. Unfortunately, Ms. Greenberg declined this offer of help.

Greenberg was pronounced dead at her home in the 26000 block of County Road 96.

When authorities had initially responded to the call about potential neglect at Greenberg's property, they found three dead dogs and 11 dogs who were emaciated and dehydrated. The surviving dogs were taken under the wing of Rotts of Friends Animal Rescue, which is headed up by Renee Lancaster.

Prior story about the seizure of the dogs here.

Read the rescue agency's comments about the situation at this link to their website.

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