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Former President Carter calls for recognizing Hamas’ rights

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On Monday, former President Jimmy Carter, who is infamous for having such a weak foreign policy that he allowed the overthrow of the Shah of Iran, wrote an op-ed saying that the terror group Hamas should be recognized as a legitimate government. Hamas was elected to power by Palestinians with the charter that Israel be destroyed and all Jews be killed. Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani castigated Carter saying, “He should sign up as a spokesman for the Hamas terrorist group.”

How to fix it by Jimmy Carter

Carter said that Hamas has a right to exist without Israeli interference, that interference being a blockade to stop weapons from being imported into Gaza, and digging tunnels into Israel by which to infiltrate to carry out killings and kidnappings like the three Israeli students found murdered. Condemning Israel’s bombing of Hamas rocket launchers deliberately positioned at schools and hospitals as “inhumane” is seen by conservatives as assisting terrorism. People are upset by the deaths of children whom Hamas forced to stand near rocket launcher emplacements, even after Israel dropped pamphlets warning of upcoming bombings, but Democrats fault Israel rather than Hamas.

Giuliani reprimanded Carter as supporting those who “elected Hitler.” The mayor said the former president is responsible for 90% of the turmoil in the Middle East today due to his permitting the Ayatollahs to take power in Iran from which they support Islamist terrorist groups throughout the region. Hamas, he pointed out, vowed they would never disarm or give up their charter to destroy the Israelis, which the Republican says leaves no position from which Israel could negotiate for peace. Even the U.N., when it was discovered Hamas was storing rockets in their schools, rather than giving them to the Israelis to be destroyed, gave them to Hamas to shoot into Israel.

Giuliani slams Carter for condemning Israel instead of Hamas

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