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Former Oklahoma Sooners receiver arrested for indecent exposure

Former Oklahoma Sooners receiver arrested again
Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images

Former Oklahoma Sooners wide receiver Trey Metoyer was arrested in Texas on a complaint of indecent exposure according to on Feb. 12. This is not the first time Metoyer has been arrested for this complaint, as his previous arrest lef to his dismissal from the Sooners' football team.

Metoyer, who signed with the Oklahoma Sooners as their first ever five-star recruit at the wide receiver position, never made the splash that fans expected for the school. After having to transfer to a military school his first season due to bad grades, he finally showed up at OU and failed to make a mark on the field.

While playing for Oklahoma, police answered a complaint from a woman who claimed that a man was masturbating in his car in her apartment complex where she could see from her apartment. Less than a month later, a different woman was walking her dog and came across the same man, who asked if he could borrow a pen. She went into her apartment to get one, and when she returned she said he was masturbating in front of her apartment.

Police investigated the two claims, figured out which car the first incident happened in, and then questioned Trey Metoyer, who admitted to both offenses. He later plead not guilty but Bob Stoops suspended him from the Oklahoma Sooners' team and pretty much made it clear that he would not return.

This latest charge took place in Texas where Metoyer allegedly exposed himself in the parking lot of a fitness center.

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