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Former Obama Adviser: Bill Maher's Ann Romney Remarks ‘Problematic’

Melody Barnes, a former adviser to President Barack Obama, recently referred to HBO talk show host Bill Maher's statements about the Hilary Rosen-Ann Romney controversy as “problematic” for the administration.

“I listened to those comments, and my grandmother’s voice came in my head. I thought about the phrase, ‘Home training.’ You know, the language, the sentiment are problematic,” Barnes, former director of the White House Domestic Policy Council, told host George Stephanopoulos of ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday.

Maher was referencing the controversy over Democratic strategist Rosen's comment last week that GOP presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney's wife had “never worked a day in her life.”

On “Real Time,” host Maher remarked, “But what she meant to say, I think, was that Ann Romney has never gotten her a** out of the house to work.”

“No one is denying that being a mother is a tough job, I remember that I was a handful. OK, but there is a big difference in being a mother, and that tough job, and getting you’re a** out of the door at 7 a.m. when it’s cold, having to deal with the boss, being in a workplace, where even if you're unhappy you can’t show it for 8 hours,” Maher added.

The comedian has contributed $1 million to the super-PAC that supports Obama’s reelection. Critics of several of Maher’s politically laden routines have called upon the president to return the campaign donation made by Maher.

Responding to Stephanopoulos’s question on whether or not Obama should “cut ties” with Maher, Barnes told ABC, “I saw David Axelrod in earlier situations when comments have been made by Bill Maher say, ‘I’m not going on your show. I’m backing away. I’m distancing myself.’ So it’s a conversation, it’s a decision they'll have to make.”


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