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Former NYPD officer acquitted of creditable cannibalism and torture threats

Former NYC police officer, Gilberto Valle was charged and convicted of stalking and conspiring to murder, torture, and murder female victims in 2013 following his arrest in 2012. Officer Valle had been serving 18 months of a life sentence when a federal judge on Monday overturned the conviction citing that only one crime was committed. The officer used a restricted law enforcement database to cyber stalk his intended victims which the judge found Valle guilty of; the misuse of a law enforcement database. However, all other charges against Valle were dismissed and he was released for time-served. The conspiracy to commit kidnapping charges, alone held a life sentence.

Gilberto Valle
CBS News

According to the appellate judge, "Gil [Gilberto] is guilty of nothing more than having unconventional thoughts.” The jury and judge chalked Valle's 'thoughts' as nothing more than fantasize and role-playing even though, he talked in online chat rooms about killing and cooking his wife and other women. They also concluded that because Valle did not actually meet anyone in person to discuss such plans, then it was nothing more than innocent chatter. I, on the other hand completely disagree. As a former Criminologist who profiled sex offenders for many years, I know for a fact that about 95% of sex offenders who have either been convicted or who have simply not been caught yet; all of them engaged in some type of role play fantasizes whether in their mind alone, in online chat rooms, or experimented with similar types of activities such as online/print adult and/or child pornography. In my expert opinion, if someone discusses in an online chat room and/or fantasizes and/or role-plays about wanting to murder, eat and cook people while listening to them scream, then these people are likely to act upon it - maybe not today or tomorrow, but eventually, they will commit the act.

The Prosecution

According to the NY Times, the district attorney's office disclosed evidence that Valle conspired to kidnap, kill, and eat people. Evidence included website pages on his computer for ways to subdue a person with chloroform. Other internet searches included how to purchase torture devices. Now, does this sound like a person who was merely fantasizing or does this sound like a psychopath who did in-deed plan to kidnap, torture and kill innocent victims? Other evidence included pages of comments from a fetish chat room with one specific conversation in which he stated to another member how he wanted to cook a woman like a turkey while she cried for help. Supposedly, the two men discussed basting her in olive oil, over an open fire-pit and then decapitating her head to be used as a table centerpiece. Other conversations included discussions about specific women who would be easy targets because they were often home alone.

“I want her to experience being cooked alive. She’ll be trussed up like a turkey. ... She’ll be terrified, screaming and crying.”

-- Gilberto Valle

And yet, Valle was only convicted on the misuse of a restricted law enforcement database for personal use.

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