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Former NY City Council candidate failed his campaign and failed his adopted dog

Tiger, the young pit bull adopted by City Council candidate John Mancuso and then returned to the same high kill shelter on Sunday.
Tiger, the young pit bull adopted by City Council candidate John Mancuso and then returned to the same high kill shelter on Sunday.
Facebook/Urgent Death Row Dogs

Animal advocates flooded a popular social media Facebook page this week with angry criticism about former City Council Democrat, candidate John Mancuso of Staten Island who adopted a one-year-old pit bull from the high kill New York Animal Care and Control during his campaign, but last Sunday returned the dog to the same facility reported the New York Daily News.

Urgent Part 2 - Urgent Death Row Dogs, is an all volunteer organization fighting to reform the antiquated and often cruel New York City shelter system and who regularly network to help find homes for the thousands of adoptable dogs who through no fault of their own too often wind up euthanized at the city shelters.

The organization's popular Facebook page has garnered nearly 100,000 "likes" and is an integral part in the successful placement of so many dogs.

Last October, during Mancuso's campaign, where one part of his animal shelter reform platform earned him a lot of popularity, the candidate adopted a very friendly and adorable one-year-old pit bull named Tiger. On Mancuso's Facebook page, Tiger was often seen posing with Mancuso.

On Sunday, Tiger was back at the very place where Mancuso found him.

Animal lovers have called Mancuso "despicable," an "opportunist," and many more profane and possibly unacceptable names to be used on social media, but these animal advocates who spend hours upon hours spreading the news about so many innocent dogs who are in danger of dying, are angry and disgusted at a politician now alleged to have used Tiger as a prop for a public election.

The administrator of the Facebook page told the Daily News:

"He did sort of use Tiger to his advantage while he was running to gain the public's vote... He went against everything he pretended to be for by dumping that dog back into a shelter. It leaves a bad taste in people's mouths."

In his own defense, Mancuso stated that Tiger was too loud and too rambunctious, and he (Mancuso) had been receiving a lot of complaints about the dog. He said he had called other rescues to help place Tiger, but everyone was full. When he did bring Tiger back to the N.Y.C. Animal Care and Control, he was assured that a sweet dog like Tiger would be adopted quickly.

"The sad thing is that there are thousands and thousands of sweet dogs just like Tiger who are routinely euthanized because they don't get homes," stated Jackie Conover, a New York City animal advocate who frequently fosters rescue dogs for a pit bull rescue.

"Mancuso used Tiger to help him get elected, because it sounds like one-year-old Tiger needed more exercise and training. Dogs are not statues to leave alone for 10 hours a day; why couldn't he find a trainer or at the very least a dog walker to give the young dog some exercise and tire him out a bit?"

Fortunately for Tiger, the volunteers were able to find the dog a new home.

For more information how you can help the New York City dogs in grave danger of being euthanized, please click here and share their stories. You will be amazed at how many dogs find new homes as volunteers help to spread the news.

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