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Former MTV teen mom star releases new music video

Yes, seriously. The world of reality television has bore us yet another small screen celebrity to cross over into the music world; feel free to use that word loosely. Farrah Abraham is now at the dance party, alongside fellow MTV-er Heidi Pratt of The Hills and ultimate reality TV star Kim Kardashian (there are more but thinking of the names is painful on the brain.) This is not Farrah's first foray into the music world, as she released an accompanying album to her memoir My Teenage Dream Ended in 2012. Her new single (for lack of a better word) Blowin' and video show that either she's stepping up and really trying to be an artist, or she's just gotten bored of making sex toys and filming herself. You can check out the video and watch the Teen Mom Special: Being Farrah here.

Farrah Abraham at a movie premier earlier this year
Photo by Michael Buckner
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