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Former Miss Venezuela murdered in front of young daughter (Video)

Former Miss Venezuela Monica Spear, 29, and her ex-husband, Henry Thomas Berry, 39, were shot and killed Monday night in a robbery attempt that turned deadly in the port city of Puerto Cabello. Their five-year-old daughter is believed to have witnessed the incident and was treated for "unspecified injuries" following the attack. The now-orphaned child is said to be in stable condition.

Former Miss Venezuela Monica Spear was shot and killed along with her ex-husband in front of their five-year-old daughter late Monday night. Reports indicate their car broke down, and the family was set upon by robbers as they waited for a tow truck.
Photo by Handout/Getty Images

Miss Venezuela Murdered in Front of Daughter by Heartless Robbers

Monica Spear was crowned Miss Venezuela a decade ago, and had since seen success as a soap opera actress for Telemundo. She and Berry, who were divorced, reportedly had an amicable relationship and continued to parent their young daughter as a team. Sadly, their lives were all three shattered on Jan. 6 when their car broke down and an unspecified number of unidentified sub-human individuals seized an opportunity to try to take what wasn't theirs. Instead of getting away with the goods, what they succeeded at was snuffing out two promising lives for no good reason, and orphaning a young child in the process.

While waiting for assistance from a tow truck, the family of three were reportedly set upon by the armed attackers. Apparently, either Spear or Berry resisted the robbery attempt, which resulted in the attackers firing gunshots. Both Spear and Berry were killed in the incident.

With news that the beautiful young former Miss Venezuela was murdered in front of her own daughter came shock and outrage on social media and beyond. Venezuela is well-known for having a disturbingly high murder rate; violent crime happens with such regularity that many citizens simply don't go out at night. Some blame the government directly for its inability to get the country under control, while others point to drugs and a lack of police presence. (Read more on Venezuela's crime problem in this in-depth report on the subject by Al Jazeera.)

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