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Former Minnesota kennel owner sentenced to jail for drowning puppies

Bell will also be required to follow recommendations of psychological evaluations. She is banned from owning any animals and must find homes for her two dogs within 30 days.
Dakota County Sheriff's Department

Dayna Bell of Northfield was sentenced on Friday to one month in jail, 45 days of electronic home monitoring, and 100 hours of community service as punishment for 13 counts of animal cruelty at her former dog kennel in Dakota County reported the

Bell's lawyer plans to appeal the judge's ruling.

In November, Bell, 62, was found guilty of drowning puppies in buckets of water, and throwing them into the swimming pool with cinder blocks tied around their necks. Eleven dogs were found by authorities stored in a freezer on the property. Necrospy results showed the animals suffered before they died. Animal suffering is considered part of animal cruelty in Minnesota.

Bell was alleged to have snapped a dog's neck because the pup nipped at her.

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Advocates were so outraged, a Facebook page called No Excuse for Bell Kennels was created.

Bell will also be required to find homes for her two remaining pet dogs, pay nearly $3,000 in fines, and is prohibited from working with or owning any animals.

Bell forfeited her commercial license.

Rest in peace puppies and dogs who died at Bell Kennels.

"While nothing can bring back the lives of these beautiful and innocent dogs, it is good to read that a judge has thrown the book at another animal abuser. It's only with punishments like this will there ever be a decrease in the amount of animal cruelty in this world. Bravo to the judge for doing this," stated Barbara Connelly of Boston, Mass.

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