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Former military working dog lost in Colorado mountains

Lost dog, Maxi
Help Find Maxi FB page

A Belgian Malinois, adopted from the Military Working Dog Adoption program at Lackland AFB, was lost on July 20 while with his family on a camping trip in Park County near Jefferson, Colorado.

Since the three-year-old dog's disappearance, there have been a few sightings, but he has not yet been recovered. An extensive search effort has been made for the dog, named "Maxi," since he disappeared. A Facebook page, "Help Find Maxi," was established to help coordinate the search effort for the lost dog.

The following information has been posted to the page:

Maxi has been missing in the mountains in Park County, CO since Sunday, July 20, 2014 around noon while camping about 2.5 miles above Michigan Creek campground on County Rd 54 on the Georgia Pass near Jefferson, CO 80456. He is a 3 year old male Belgian Malinois who is a former Military Working Dog. He has a tattoo in his left ear that reads "T117."

Including postings about potential sightings:

Tuesday 7/22/14 - Forest service worker reported a dog looking like Maxi running down road on Hwy 9 between Alma and Fairplay, CO. Dog was very panicked and frantic, when he tried to stop to assist, dog ran off road down by the river.

Thursday 7/24/14 - Law enforcement officer reported seeing a shepherd looking dog, soaking wet and running scared and panicked down Hwy 9 between Alma and Fairplay, CO.
Not sure if these two sightings were Maxi but no other sightings or reports of lost GSD type dogs currently.

On August 1, a tip about how to entice Maxi to a potential good Samaritan was posted, as well as areas to search:

Possibly anywhere between Park County area, Breckenridge and Leadville, Buena Vista and all points in between! Take a tennis ball along your hike in case you run into him---he LOVES chasing tennis balls and it may be a way to get him to come to you if you see him.

Maxi's family has offered a $1,000 reward for information leading to his safe return. Anyone who has spotted this dog is asked to call the local animal control or phone (303) 332-2530, or email:

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