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Former military coming forward with UFO accounts

Former military are coming forward this year in greater numbers with UFO encounters from their past that many were told to take to the grave, according to Mutual UFO Network Executive Director Jan C. Harzan, reached at his Newport Beach, CA, headquarters offices March 24, 2014.

Former military are coming forward in larger numbers this year to report UFO encounters that occurred during their time in the military.
Mark Hanley

"More cases are being filed lately," Harzan said. "Some are calling our offices directly to talk to us about what they experienced in the military. Others are going to our website to report the case."

Harzan said part of the uptick in reports is due to the fact that other former military have been coming forward publically over the past three or four years. But the new MUFON television show on History's H2 channel, "Hangar 1: The UFO Files," is also causing a lot of public awareness of MUFON as the leader in UFO investigations.

"After each episode airs," Harzan said, "we get a lot of calls and emails."

The monthly MUFON UFO Journal is featuring as the front page story in the upcoming April issue the account of Joseph Foster from 1969 when he was a member of the Coast Guard.

Foster's ship encountered a UFO one day while patrolling at sea.

"Having been given the vector, everyone on the bridge ran out to the Starboard bridge wing (ship had a heading of roughly north) which put that wing facing the oncoming targets coming out of the northeast," Foster said. "The targets were picked up roughly on the horizon and viewed as they flew directly over the ship during which time most of the personnel on the bridge headed through the bridge to the Port in order to see the targets (three bright white lights) disappear on the horizon."

The objects they saw that day consisted of three bright lights in a triangle pattern.

The Journal is also featuring a story about two cousins who were radar operators in 1967. One was stationed in Key West and the other in Homestead near Miami.

“My cousin called me one night on the net and advised me that something unbelievable was happening in South Florida," the witness stated. "He opened the net so I could monitor the traffic regarding the incident taking place. I pulled my headset to my ears as I listed to various NORAD stations tracking a UFO just off the coast of Miami. At the time, Homestead was a SAC base, and any such traffic was a great concern to the Air Force. Although I was about 100 miles from the target under discussion, I had the capability to observe activity in the area with my own radar. I had only to take it off standby.”

The Journal is available by subscription to MUFON members at

The late Joe Misnik, of Hinsdale, NY, told a story about being on board a ship during World War II and encountering a UFO.

Misnik's testimony came during the filming of the docudrama, "Tragic Hinsdale House" in 2009, directed by UFO Examiner Roger Marsh. Joe and his wife, Flo, also now deceased, owned a property in Hinsdale, NY, where the Catholic Church had performed an exorcism in 1974. Cast and crew on the set during the three-day shoot were discussing various anomalies - including hauntings and UFO encounters - and Joe said he wanted to go on record with his account from the war.

Misnik said the UFO encounter occurred in June 1945 right after the battle at Okinawa and they were headed back to San Francisco.

"We were two days out," Misnik said. "Our radar picked up something above and behind us."

The attached video on this page is Joe's testimony, part of a larger video series on the house haunting.

UFO-Nukes Research Robert Hastings is internationally known at gathering excellent former military testimony from nuclear facilities that encountered UFOs in the 20th Century. Hastings' book, UFOs and Nukes, can be purchased from his website.

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