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Former middleweight champion Anderson Silva: I will be back

Anderson Silva, the former middleweight UFC champion, told Fox Sports on Jan 5 not to count on his retirement. He claims he will be back. Anderson Silva broke his leg on Dec. 28 during a fight when he tried to kick his opponent, Chris Weidman.

Anderson Silva is expected to begin training in about nine months.

According to Fox Sports, Silva has had two X-rays, and it looks like he with no complications. The X-ray showed a clean break with no nerve damage. Silva wants to squash the rumors claiming he is retiring. Silva says not to count him out, just yet.

Silva is receiving physical therapy for his injury. According to the report, he is already moving his toes, quite well. Anderson Silva is one of the greatest pound-for-pounds fighters the UFC has ever seen inside the octagon.

Speculators on of Dec 28 match said that seeing this extremely fit man and a pure warrior fall to his knees in pure agony, crying and grabbing his leg in pain, was probably the most heartbreaking scenes in UFC history.

Anderson Silva is one tough fighter and the UFC hasn't seen the last of him. Wishing him a gentle recovery and anticipating his comeback to the UFC.

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