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Former Louisiana police officer indicted for animal cruelty in killing of dog

Former Police Officer Brian Thierbach has been charged with one count of felony aggravated cruelty in the shooting death of a dog named Arzy Kensington.
Former Police Officer Brian Thierbach has been charged with one count of felony aggravated cruelty in the shooting death of a dog named Arzy Kensington.
Brandon Carpenter/Facebook

On Thursday, the Calcasieu Parish District Attorney charged former Sulphur Police Officer Brian Thierbach will felony aggravated animal cruelty in the April shooting death of a 14-month-old leashed dog reported the

The Facebook page, Justice for Arvy announced the following shortly after the news was released:

"Great news everyone!!! Former Officer Thierbach has been indicted on a felony animal cruelty charge!!! The Grand Jury returned a true bill against Thierbach on one count of aggravated cruelty to animals! A warrant has also been issued for his arrest!!! Thanks to all our followers who have been supporting this cause from day one! It is working!!!"

In early May, Thierbach resigned after an internal affairs investigation decided the officer violated police policies; Sulfur Police Chief Louis Coats stated he was an animal lover and was deeply affected by the death of the dog named Arzy Kensington.

The tragic story began in April when Portland, Maine residents Brandon Carpenter, his friend Logan Laliberte, and a 90 pound friendly Newfoundland-Labrador retriever, and golden retriever mix arrived in Sulphur in the pouring rain. The three ran for cover in the back of an empty box truck in the parking lot of the nearby Southwest Daily News.

Moments later a police officer ordered the men get out of the box car and to tie up their dog to a nearby fence. Carpenter obliged, using the dog's four foot leash to securely tether Arzy. With that done, the two men were handcuffed and told to lie face down on the ground. The officer asked if the dog was friendly and went over to pet Arzy, but within 20 seconds Carpenter heard a gunshot.

According to, Carpenter said he turned toward his dog and literally saw his best friend die.

"I saw blood running down his face. I watched my dog convulse and twitch his last few breaths out of his body while I sat 20 feet away, and watched the blood come out of his head and there was nothing I could do... I couldn't console him. I couldn't do anything to help him."

Officer Thierbach told Carpenter the dog tried to attack and bite him. There have allegedly never been any bite marks found on the officer.

Witnesses to the entire debacle stated the dog never showed any aggression, and all the dog wanted to do was play.

The two men were later charged with vehicular trespassing and released.

Thierbach is expected to turn himself in; his bail has been set at $20,000.

Carpenter plans to stay in Sulphur through the trial.

“They came to the right decision. Justice will be served," stated Carpenter.

Rest in peace Arzy Kensington.

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