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Former LIRR Employee Faces Jail Time

Millions of commuters ride the Long Island Railroad into New York City each day, either for work or for play.

For a few years now, the Long Island Railroad has faced a great deal of scandal due to former employees of the railroad falsifying disability applications to cheat the system and get disability pay without actually being disabled.

Earlier this week, one former employee of the railroad was sentenced to a jail term for her role in the scandal. The woman was sentenced for allegedly helping other employees of the organization figure out how to fool the system by filing false claims of disability.

The fallout from the investigation of disability claims off former LIRR workers has been widespread, since it first became publicly known several years ago. In addition to the woman who was recently sentenced, several other former railroad workers, as well as doctors who claimed the workers were disabled, have already been sentenced for their roles.

Now that several years have gone by since the scandal came into public knowledge, it remains to be seen what else will become known about the scandal.

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