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Former Judge Andrew Nepolitano nixes chances of Obama impeachment

Could impeachment stop Obama's messing with existing laws?
Could impeachment stop Obama's messing with existing laws?
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Former Judge Andrew Napolitano is one barrister who feels the only way to prevent President Obama from nullifying existing laws is to impeach him.

As the judge pouts it, "The president is doing the opposite of what he was elected to do," he told Fox News Channel's "Your World with Neil Cavuto," on Thursday.

A former New Jersey Superior Court judge and a Fox News legal analyst, Napolitano feels that Obama flagrantly selecting laws, or portions of them, to enforce is actually telling other Americans to disobey the law.

"At some point he is totally frustrating what Congress has written."

Republicans have accused Obama of using executive orders for the exact end result with gun control and immigration rules.

President Obama is keenly aware of the precarious state the Democratic Party will in this November because of his Obamacare law and a host of other controversial issues including the IRS scandal and Benghazi.

Executive action is his answer to speeding up the Democrat’s chances later in the year.

Napolitano strongly feels any lawsuit over Obama's executive actions will be rejected by the courts. “A judge would tell any member of Congress bringing such a suit to instead begin impeachment proceedings.

The judge doesn’t feel that will happen now or anytime. As he put it, "There's sort or a cult around him in the Democratic Party that he's 'our guy' and he can do whatever he wants."

Eight months until the midterm elections.

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