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Former Invicta FC superstar Jessica Philippus wants to fight Rachel Wray

According to a July 19 tweet from Jessica Philippus, the former Invicta FC superstar would like to fight ex-Chiefs cheerleader Rachel Wray. Philippus, 31, hasn't competed inside the cage in two years, but that didn't stop her from taking to social media to call out the former model. Wray, an amateur MMA fighter who is coming off a recent loss to Jamie Clinton, did not provide a response yet to Philippus' comments on Twitter.

Former Invicta FC star Jessica Philippus wants to fight Rachel Wray
Courtesy of Jessica Philippus/Twitter screenshot

Why the drama between Philippus and Wray? The feud really comes down to Philippus thinking Wray is a poor representation of what women's MMA is all about, as she believes the former model makes female athletes look ditzy. Philippus also was bothered by an interview Wray did following her bout with Clinton, where she said she felt like she almost died while getting choked out during the fight.

Clinton choked Wray unconscious during the fight, and the ref didn't call a stop to it until the former cheerleader was completely out of it and seeing stars. It was a late stoppage, but most MMA fighters would have just sucked it up and known its all part of the game. Wray took a different approach than what most fighters would do.

She took to the media to discuss the late stoppage and how she felt like she almost died, and Philippus believes she sounded ridiculous when talking about the finish. Obviously Philippus wants the fight with Wray to happen, but there are a few issues to work out before the war could go down. First of all, Wray fights at 125 or 135 pounds, while Philippus competes at 115. Philippus would need to put on at least 10 pounds to get up to Wray's weight.

Additionally, Wray still competes in the amateur ranks, while Philippus turned pro in 2012. Once an MMA fighter turns professional, they aren't allowed to go back down to the amateur level. That said, Wray would need to turn pro to accept Philippus' challenge. If the fight between Philippus and Wray does end up going down, what might happen? No one knows for sure, but Philippus likely would have the advantage. She would probably head into the bout as a heavy favorite.

Philippus is a high-level wrestler who would most likely want to put Wray on her back early in the fight, while the former cheerleader would probably like to keep the fight standing. What makes the fight intriguing is the fact that Wray would have a size advantage, so Philippus might have a difficult time notching a takedown even though she's the better wrestler. So far, no promotions have stepped up to try to make the fight happen.

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