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Former governor Edwin W. Edwards announces run for Congress

Louisiana State Capitol
Louisiana State Capitol
Bluepoint951, WikiMedia Commons Creative Commons Generic

Former governor of Louisiana, Edwin Edwards, announced today (March 17) that he will be running for Congress in the upcoming election at the Press Club of Baton Rouge meeting according to news reports.

Edwards announced he will be seeking the seat left vacant by Congressman Bill Cassidy in the 6th Congressional District. Cassidy is running for the U.S. Senate.

The announcement was expected at any time, as Edwards hinted last fall that he would like to re-enter into politics. The former governor of Louisiana served four terms (197 in office before he was convicted of racketeering charges on licenses of the Baton Rouge riverboat casinos. He spent eight years in jail before being released to a halfway house followed by parole. Edwards was granted an early release from parole in February of 2013.

Edwards, who is 86, is barred from running for a Louisiana office, but is free to run for a federal office according to the law.

Edwards will be running against Paul Dietzel, business owner; Cassie Felder, tax attorney; Charles Trey Thomas, a former LSU football player, Bob Bell, a retired Navy Captain; Norm Clark, a Navy Veteran; Richard Lieberman, a real estate broker; and Dan Claitor, State Senator.

Edwards and his wife, Trina, starred in their own reality television show last year called, "The Governor's Wife." The show aired on A&E channel and featured the governor and his wife's life together. The reality show only aired eight episodes before it was cancelled.

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