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Former George W. Bush lawyer John Micheal Farren charged with attempting to kill his wife

John Micheal Farren arraigned on charges including the attempted murder of his wife, Mary.
John Micheal Farren arraigned on charges including the attempted murder of his wife, Mary.

As a former attorney to both Presidents George W. Bush and his father, 57 year old John Micheal Farren also worked as General Counsel for the Xerox Corp. until 2007 when he was named as deputy White House counsel during George W. Bush’s second term. A long time member of father H.W.'s campaign and eventually was named Undersecretary for International Trade in the Commerce Department by George Herbert Walker Bush.

Mr. Farren has been detained and charged with attempting to murder his wife Mary Farren by strangulation. Witnesses told that Mary was planning on filing for divorce from John and had in fact recently informed him of her plans to leave him. When Mary refused to drop the divorce, John then attacked Mary in their upstairs bedroom presumably pulling at her hair, punching, kicking, and eventually beating her with a flashlight that was lying nearby. During the attacks Mrs. Farren told police she remembered faintly coming in and out of consciousness as she was struck over and over by Mr. Farren. At one point in the attack Mrs. Farren managed to get to an alarm panic button for the families home security system and press the button for help. After Mr. Farren realized that Mary had pressed the button he grabbed a large knife and threatened to slit his own wrists. At that point Mrs. Farren was able to run downstairs, grab the couples 2 children who were present, and flee from the home in the couples family car which was parked in the garage at the time of the attack.

Mr. Farren is currently being held on $2 million bail at the county jail where he is currently under suicide watch. He was in fact treated for cuts and lacerations on his neck and wrists which EMT techs described as "self inflicted".

After the incident, a spokesperson for the Bush family said that they would not comment on the events that transpired as it was a personal family matter.

As for the Farren family, neither the 7 year old daughter or 4 month old child were hurt. The marriage that began in 1997 seems to be coming to a close.


  • LibTalker 5 years ago

    He should have taken advice from his ex-boss Cheney and shot the broad in the face. Well then again that doesn't always work either, does it Dick?

  • LiberalLife 5 years ago

    Well at least ONE Bush Admin. crook got prosecuted......

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