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Former General Now President Of Egypt

Former General Now President Of Egypt
Former General Now President Of Egypt

Abdel-Fattah el Sissi, the former General who led the military takeover almost a year ago was sworn in yesterday as President. It was not easy as he had to extend the election an extra day due to low turnout. In the past year he has led a personal crusade against the Muslim Brotherhood and has allowed the courts to execute some 1000 people affiliated with the Brotherhood.

The new President has sided up to the Russians in the last six months and has distanced his country from being associated with the United States. The U.S. last summer had discontinued financial aid to the country because if the riots and subsequent crackdown on freedoms that had been allowed under the prior government.

Egypt at this moment in time would be broken financialy if it wasn't for the Persian Gulf states who have been funding el-Sissi over the last few months. These states are in favor of Egypt's crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood.

Former President Morsi had brought many high ranking members of the Muslim Brotherhood into his cabinet and other high ranking positions. This is what brought the riots last summer and eventually led to him being ousted as President.

President el-Sissi addressed in his speech yesterday the Egyptian people and the spoils of the two revolutions that had taken place. It seems you can say there will no longer be a democratic government in the country of Egypt. Oh don't get me wrong there was an election but what a sham.

Egypt has taken a step back in time to days long ago. The military is in control and there will be strict laws soon to be announced in the interest of putting Egypt back on its feet. When the trials of the Muslim Brotherhood took place the defendants were usually not allowed to speak in their own defense and judges were quick in sentencing. Anybody could see what's coming in the future with the monkey trials. Egypt will revert to the days gone by with the military in charge. Freedom no longer exists in Egypt.