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Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush could be third Bush to run for president

Is America ready for a third Bush?
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Could a third Bush reach the White House in 2016? It could be underway if former presidential nominee Mitt Romney and his former financial and political backers have anything to do with it, The Washington Post reported Saturday.

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is being encouraged to seek the 2016 Republican presidential nomination by some high profile conservatives who fear the Tea Party’s influence.

Jeb Bush can pick up the pieces of a scandal-ridden New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and be the viable alternative to a large portion of the Republican Party.

Former Newt Gingrich backer, casino & trade show billionaire Sheldon Adelson recently hosted a Las Vegas dinner for Republican high-rolling campaign contributors. Among those millionaires, a vast majority were Romney's biggest contributors in 2012 now dedicated to a Bush nomination.

Bush carries a large presence with party regulars and primary targets such as evangelicals, specifically in Iowa, the first key primary of the presidential run for any candidate.

The fact that Bush is married to an Hispanic and speaks Spanish fluently doesn’t hurt his cause. Republicans need the Hispanic vote and Bush could deliver from his home state of Florida.

Typical of any undeclared candidate, Bush brushes aside questions about his possible candidacy while traveling the country extensively speaking at fundraisers and campaigning for other candidates.

He said in January he would run if he could do it "joyfully" and be an uplifting force.

Bush has written a book stressing immigration reform, advocated common core education standards, abided by traditional GOP foreign policy agenda and opposed Medicaid expansion while being from the ‘elderly capital of the U.S.’

The former governor has some political rust on his appeal being away from any elected office for seven years. "It'd be a little odd to nominate someone who was last in office in 2006, who hasn't been politically involved at all, in any significant way, in the Obama years," said Weekly Standard Editor William Kristol.

2016 could set up a rematch of sorts of the 1992 presidential race between George H.W. Bush, Jeb’s father and Bill Clinton, Hillary (Jeb’s likely opponent) Clinton’s husband.

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