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Former ‘Driveclub’ director clarifies departure, delay and development details

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Col Rodgers has clarified the circumstances surrounding his departure from Evolution Studios, the development team behind the upcoming PS4 exclusive video game, “Driveclub.” According to a report from NZ Gamer on March 31, the former game director revealed that he was not forced out due to the delay of the arcade racing title as suggested by an alleged insider.

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He went on to reveal that he left Evolution Studios personally in order to care for his young son who has been diagnosed with a life-threatening condition. Col Rodgers felt that he can’t continue to work “5.5 days a week,” so he decided to form his own company.

The former director also reassured fans that “Drivclub” will end up being a “great game,” adding that the “direction hasn't changed” since he left the company back in Feb. of this year. You can find a few screens featuring the PS4 exclusive title with the slideshow to the left of this article and his comments below:

Driveclub is a great game, and the direction hasn't changed since my departure. This has been confirmed by SONY in various press releases over recent days.

Furthermore, Col Rodgers also mentioned that he left Sony Computer Entertainment on “very good terms” with “no animosity.” He then stated that his exodus was not related to the recently layoffs at Evolution Studios. You can find his remarks on the subject below:

I left SONY on very good terms. There is no animosity there, and I was absolutely nothing to do with the recent redundancies - in fact, the news of those redundancies was probably linked on here before I knew about them.

“Driveclub” is currently expected to come out exclusively for the PS4 sometime before the end of 2014.