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Former 'Destiny' director working on three Xbox One games for Microsoft

Joe Staten
Joe Staten
Photo courtesy of Destiny Wiki, used with permission

The gaming industry was shocked when Joseph Staten left his role as Creative Director for “Destiny” at Bungie to return to Microsoft Studios earlier this year. The question of what Xbox One games he has been working on since his return was revealed Saturday via the discovery of an update to his LinkedIn profile, and it’s not “Halo.”

According to Staten’s profile, he is now involved with “IP development, writing and narrative design for XBOX first-party games including Sunset Overdrive, Scalebound and Crackdown.”

“Crackdown” took the honors of ending Microsoft’s E3 2014 press conference with an impressive CGI trailer showing multiple agents working together to bring down a crime lord. This included bringing down a building, which was the setup for the confirmation that Cloudgine from the original developers of the game on the Xbox 360 would provide destructible environments in the game.

Meanwhile, “Scalebound” is the new exclusive Xbox One title from Platinum Games and game director Hideki Kamiya. Again, all that was shown was a CGI trailer showing a character being chased by monsters before fighting them off with his dragon partner and then facing off against an even larger foe.

Those are the two Xbox One games that Staten will have the most influence as they are still very early in their development with “Crackdown” coming in 2015 and “Scalebound” not having a release date yet. “Sunset Overdrive” has been in development at Insomniac Games for a couple of years now and is due out this October, So, Staten’s influence there will primarily be on the finishing touches.

Staten spent 15 years with Bungie and helped create both the “Halo” and “Destiny” universes. This included roles as writer, creative director and design director. He even wrote the “Halo: Contact Harvest” novel which detailed the disastrous first encounter between the humans and Covenant in the “Halo” universe.

Via: NeoGAF's abadguy

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