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Former college football star making the move to boxing

Kurtis Taylor working with his coach Jeff Mayweather
Kurtis Taylor working with his coach Jeff Mayweather

As a former All-Big 12 defensive end at Iowa State, Kurtis Taylor worked hard to become one of the best football players in the country. However, when his dream of playing in the NFL didn't pan out, he was forced to look in another direction.

Taking a trip out to Las Vegas, Taylor visited the world famous Mayweather Boxing Club and decided that his next move would be to give boxing a try. So he packed up everything and moved out to the desert, looking to make a name for himself in a new sport.

Though he had already been training in Iowa, boxing is an entirely different animal in Las Vegas. Once there, he hooked up with Jeff Mayweather and began a journey he hopes will eventually end with a world title. But before he can even begin to think about reaching those heights, he first must start from the bottom and work his way up.

After successfully winning the Iowa Golden Gloves, he was unsuccessful at the Nationals that were held last month. The disappointment, however, has only fueled his fire. Every day he can be seen hard at work in the gym, soaking up as much knowledge as he can from the trainers and his fellow fighters. It is clear that he is quickly learning from the lessons they give.

Only time will tell if Taylor can reach the pinnacle of his new sport. There is not much room up at the top. But he has given himself every opportunity to achieve ultimate success, and if his ability can catch up with his work ethic, he is sure to achieve success.