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Former CIA official appears involved in multi-million dollar internet scam

A Dallas-based firm is allegedly involved in an internet scam by taking out millions of dollars from bank account of unsuspecting American consumers who want to know their credit score.

Th firm that goes by the name was said to be founded by two brothers Alex Chang and Roger Chang their main street apartment in San Francisco in 2000.

One of the brothers, Roger Chang, is said to have worked for the Central Intelligence Agency.

The company offers gullible Americans a free service to get their free credit score for one week and once anyone signs on and provides the credit card details, it goes on deducting $29.95 on the pretext of protecting identity thefts. claims the company has one million subscribers and operates in 40 different countries.

Dallas-based is a product of the One Technologies LP.

The business address of the mother company of is listed as 4447 North Central Expressway Suite 110 PMB 406, Dallas, Texas 75205. Nearly 2,000 complaints are pending against the company with the Better Business Bureau in Dallas. Congressman Pete Sessions, whose district houses the company's head office, has been informed about the fraudulent practice.

The web site of the company boasts about protecting identity thefts:

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