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Former Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley likely to testify in lawsuit

Richard M. Daley

Former Mayor Richard M. Daley may have to testify in an ongoing lawsuit in Chicago, says a Cook County judge’s ruling on Tuesday. The judge asserts that now that Daley is a private citizen, he must be treated just like any other private citizen and has an obligation to testify. Furthermore, the judge says the public has a right to know about the facts involved in this case. The lawsuit involves Chicago’s lawsuit against the Park Grill Restaurant, according to a WGN-TV news report on Tuesday.

Reportedly, Daley’s lawyers filed a motion asking that a subpoena, asking Daley to testify, be thrown out. That request, made last week, claimed that Daley’s health is at issue. Also, they claim that the former mayor doesn’t remember specifics on the Park Grill Restaurant deal. Though the judge says he does not want to trample on the Daley's privacy, he says the former mayor may have to testify. Perhaps Daley will be allowed to testify in private in the judge's quarters, but at this time it appears as though the former mayor will be required to speak.

Currently, the Chicago government in City Hall is attempting to stop a 30-year deal in which the restaurant received a tax break, according to Fox News. The lengthy deal is with the operators of Park Grill Restaurant which is located in the heart of the city in Millennium Park east of Michigan Avenue in the loop. Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s administration says that the deal with the restaurant and the city, which was agreed upon back during Daley’s time in office, basically cheats taxpayers out of a great deal of revenue. In fact, the Emanuel administration claims the agreement cheats them out of millions of dollars, according to CLTV.

Back in February when Daley was hospitalized for stroke-similar conditions, Daley’s lawyers said he was medically and physically unable to testify. That was then and this is now. The judge says Daley needs to testify.

Daley, 72, was the mayor of Chicago from April 24, 1989 to March 16, 2011. After being initially elected in 1989, he was re-elected five times. It was Daley’s choice to not run for a seventh term after having served six terms. By having 22 years in office, he has been Chicago’s longest-serving mayor. He surpassed Richard J. Daley’s run as mayor. Richard J. Daley was his father. One of Richard M. Daley’s major accomplishments while serving as mayor of Chicago was the construction of Millennium Park where the restaurant is located. Prior to serving as mayor, Daley was a member of the Illinois Senate and a Cook County State’s Attorney.