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Former Boy-bander Frankie Zulferino Returns To The States Following Tour Of Asia

Frankie Zulferino

Earlier this year I talked to Frankie Zulferino, formerly of the pop group WOW, about his music, dancing and working with Joe Jonas during the CW’s The Next.

According to an interview with Ryan Seacrest, “If you haven’t heard of Frankie Zulferino, you will soon. The Staten Island native is a YouTube artist, dancer, and actor who is about to break out onto the scene. In the latest music video for his song “Last Man on Earth,” we get a look at his sleek dance moves in front of a romantic backdrop of the sunset and city lights.”

Check out Frankie's videos on his YouTube channel here!

Frankie has been staying busy making music and recently completed a 40-day tour of Asia. His rep tells us the tour was a big success with Frankie performing in cities like Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou & Chengdu.

China Unlimited sponsored the tour which was primarily put together by Frankie and Rhythm City Entertainment. “Rehearsals took place in New York for a month before Frankie and his four dancers left for China,” his rep told us. And all of Frankie’s costumes were designed and put together by Dion Deniis and Michele Corio (FrostYourself23).

His rep tells us has constantly been in the recording studio working on his long awaited EP. It should be worth the wait though, as he has been working with Eritza Laues who has written for artists like Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston.

Check out video footage from Frankie's tour in China HERE!

Be sure and keep up with Frankie for more updates on his new album and soon-to-be-released single!

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