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Former 'best friend' Gayla St. Julien throws Apollo Nida under the bus

Apollo Nida is working to reach a plea deal in fraud case.
Apollo Nida/Twitter

Gayla St. Julien may not have testified against Apollo Nida but she sure did throw him under the bus. She just pled guilty to conspiracy to commit mail, wire and bank fraud and aggravated identity theft. In a Monday release to Reality Tea, Gayla St. Julien had a lot to say about Nida, his family and his trustworthiness.

St. Julien received a five year sentence for her part in the fraudulent business conducted with Apollo Nida. He has fervently been working on a plea deal to avoid major prison time since this isn't his first offense. At this point, it's looking like he'll face no less than five years as well.

In the release, Gayla implies that she protected Phaedra Parks and kept her out of legal trouble because "someone has to stay and care for the children." She also says that Apollo didn't pay her that same respect when he implicated her husband in their crimes.

Gayla St. Julien was quick to elaborate on Phaedra as well and maybe she should have been implicated along with Apollo. She said that the information provided in the book about Phaedra Parks written by Angela Stanton is accurate. It's called "Double life Of A Church Girl Memoirs Of Female Hustler" and should be released soon.

Gayla St. Julien and Apollo Nida are facing charges because they allegedly opened a fake collection agency so they could get access to personal information including social security numbers. Just a few things they are being accused of include using that information to manufacture fake identification that they used to open dozens of mailboxes in other people's names. They also are accused of "owning" fake auto dealerships in order to obtain fraudulent auto loans and claiming unclaimed government funds from multiple sources.

If Apollo is convicted, he will be a repeat offender with multiple fraud felonies. This can't bode well for Phaedra who will inevitably be stuck raising her two boys without him for several years.

What do you think of the revelations from Gayla St. Julien? As she implies, do you think their spouses were involved or is she just trying to throw shade now that she is mad at Apollo? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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