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Former 'Bachelorette' Jillian Harris says she wants a second go on the show

Jillian Harris weighs in on 'Bachelor' premiere
Jillian Harris weighs in on 'Bachelor' premiere
Bob D'Amico/ABC

Has ABC opened a Pandora's Box of "Re-Bachelor/Bachelorettes" with the premiere of Brad Womack's second go round?

Former "Bachelorette" Jillian Harris (and, if we're keeping track, she was also a contestant on "The Bachelor" before that) told US Magazine that watching Brad Womack on the premiere of "The Bachelor 2011" made her want dial up Mike Fleiss ("The Bachelor" creator) and "demanding he cough up my second chance, too."

"Okay," says Linda K of Cincinnati, "I like Jillian but I hope bringing Brad [Womack] back isn't the beginning of a wave of 're-dos' for this show."

Jillian weighs in on new season of the show

It appears that fan fave Jillian will be giving her two cents about this season of "The Bachelor" to US on a regular basis.

Her first bone of contention? The harsh treatment Brad is receiving from others, as well as putting on himself.

Said Harris, "When Chantal slapped Brad [Womack] last night on premiere of "The Bachelor," he responded that he liked her more. I had to hold myself back from leaping through the screen to slap him again! Not because he deserved it, but because he didn't. I am very much on the supporting side of this 'second chance' debate. In fact, I'm floored by how much pressure is being put on Brad by himself, the media and the girls."

Apparently, Harris feels the way many do - that Brad shouldn't be demonized for the decision he made (i.e. choosing neither DeAnna Pappas or Jenni Croft during the final rose ceremony) on his first season as "The Bachelor."

"Brad did something you don't see all the time; he went against the rules of the show and just followed the rules of life," commented Harris.

Also on her nerves? The "glamour-don'ts" of some of the ladies. Specifically grating on her were: Madison and her fangs, Renee's blue "prom" dress and Meagan's pink/reddish shoes.

Who is one of her faves? Widowed, single mom Emily with her heart-wrenching back story. Said Harris, "This is the first time I think I ever sobbed watching "The Bachelor" (yes, that even counts my season). Emily is an absolute doll and mark my words, the world will fall in love with her in no time."

Prediction: Producers of the show recognized the "gem" that Emily is and she will NOT be chosen by Brad to receive the final rose because...she will be the next "Bachelorette."

What do you think?

Do tell: Do you think this is the beginning of "re-dos" for former "Bachelor/Bachelorette" contestants?


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