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Former ‘Bachelor’ star Tenley Molzahn predicts the end for Juan Pablo

Juan Pablo

Former "Bachelor" star Tenley Molzahn watches the show each week and she offers her thoughts on the show, as she has been through the process. She didn’t find love on the show, but did find a connection with another contestant from another season. And one can imagine that these two are indeed watching the show together. According to a new Facebook post published on Feb. 17, former "Bachelor" star Tenley Molzahn is now speaking out about Juan Pablo’s decision to let Nikki meet his family.

“Wait... So Nikki gets to meet Juan Pablo's family first?! If that had happened on my season, there wouldn't be any peace! #TheBachelor Wow! That's a big deal!” Tenley shared on Facebook, hinting that she would have been upset if she wasn’t the one who was introduced to her potential husband’s child.

“Welp, #TheBachelor can end now. Choosing 1 girl to introduce to your family over the others pretty much guarantees he'll fall in love. Don't you think? If I introduce a guy to my family & he does well with them, that kinda makes your heart melt, right? I just can't believe they let this happen!” she revealed in addition to her first update. It sounds like she is predicting that Nikki will be the final girl in the end.

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