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Former ‘Bachelor’ star Jason Mesnick hints that Juan Pablo is single

Juan Pablo
Juan Pablo

Former “Bachelor” star Jason Mesnick has been following Juan Pablo on his journey to find a wife, but it sounds like he doesn’t think that the portrayal of Juan Pablo is indeed the true one. He has been on the show, so he knows what producers do to make the season more dramatic. And given everything he has been through already on the show, it sounds like some former “Bachelor” stars are supporting him. According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report published on March 6, former “Bachelor” star Jason Mesnick is now hinting that he thinks that Juan Pablo is single - as in not engaged.

Juan Pablo may still be dating his final choice, but Jason doesn’t seem to think that he got down on one knee to pop the question. “The previews and the commercials make him look terrible, and they don’t have to do that to him,” Jason said in his Podcast program. He adds that producers “want you to propose to somebody,” and if you don’t, “they’ll tell you, ‘We’ll make you look bad.’” Of course, Jason should know because he was once “The Bachelor.” He felt pressured to propose to Melissa Rycroft, whom he later dumped for his current wife, Molly.

He wouldn’t be the first person to avoid a proposal during the final because he isn't ready. On the finale, Juan Pablo's family do tell the women that they are unsure whether he is ready for marriage. What do you think?