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Former 'Bachelor' star Ben Flajnik says Courtney Robertson has hit 'a new low'

One person who won't be reading Courtney Robertson's tell-all book, "I Didn't Come Here to Make Friends: Confessions of a Reality Show Villain," is her ex-fiance Ben Flajnik. In a statement to People magazine, posted on Wednesday, June 18, the former "Bachelor" star bashed his ex for spilling all the secrets about their relationship and the show, as well as her other famous hook-ups.

TV personality Ben Flajnik attends SOREL At VEVO PowerStation & SOREL Suite featuring The Fresh Lounge Presented by Continuum Entertainment Group at 427 Main St. on January 21, 2012 in Park City, Utah.
Photo by Gustavo Caballero

Ben, the winemaker from San Francisco, starred in season 16 of the hit show. Courtney, a model from Santa Monica, quickly filled the villain role. She repeatedly said that she did not go on the show to make friends. Her scheming ways and vicious talk certainly didn't earn her many friends nor fans. Despite many viewers' fervent hopes that Ben would see her true character, he ultimately rejected the seemingly more innocent and sweeter Lindzi Cox and proposed to Courtney.

Courtney's new book reveals several things that Ben likely would've preferred to kept secret. The biggest being that they actually did have sex, albeit very briefly and barely, in the ocean while the cameras were rolling. She also claimed that he was jealous and controlling of her, telling her that if she did "Dancing with the Stars," she wouldn't have a fiance. Besides Ben, Courtney also talks about her past with actors Jesse Metcalfe and Adrian Grenier, the private parts of which Courtney described in intimate detail, and agent Jim Toth.

While Ben has made clear before that he doesn't think very highly of his ex, even he thinks her latest bid to stay famous is deplorable. He called the tell-all "a new low, even for Courtney." He said that he doesn't understand "why she would choose to have people look at her the way she has portrayed herself." He added that he's "in a really great place in life" and doesn't "have any interest in reliving the nightmare."

Ben Flajnik has definitely moved on from his "Bachelor" love Courtney Robertson. On Tuesday, June 17, he posted a photo of him and his new girlfriend and revealed that they're moving in together.

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