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Former 'Bachelor' Sean Lowe speaks out about Juan Pablo following ATFR

Former 'Bachelor' Sean speaks out about Juan Pablo
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Juan Pablo Galavis isn't exactly receiving positive press these days. It's no secret that this season's bachelor didn't go over well to say the least. The Mon. March 10 finale revealed that Galavis chose Nikki Ferrell though he didn't propose to her. First though, he rejected Clare Crawley, who put him in his place, and let him know that she wouldn't want him to be the father of her children. Crawley's harsh good-bye to Galavis will go down in 'Bachelor' history as perhaps one of the most bold reactions to date. She rejected his hug, told him what she thought, and she was on her way. The 'After the Final Rose' ceremony which followed only brought further trouble for the already under fire bachelor.

Though Chris Harrison tried to get Juan Pablo to explain where he and Nikki are now, he was met with vague responses which ultimately led to him insisting that their lives are private now. Things became completely awkward between Harrison, Ferrell, and Galavis, as the host struggled to find any answers or follow-ups to give viewers. Juan Pablo's distaste with the show was clear, and viewers were not impressed.

Audience member and newlywed Sean Lowe was among those who weren't in agreement with Juan's attitude toward the show and his refusal to open up. It was obvious that Lowe was trying to keep his mouth shut, but that Galavis was on his everlasting nerve. Lowe piped up that the show isn't private, and therefore their lives afterwards aren't private either. Lowe's wife Catherine also chimed in when Harrison asked her to contribute her thoughts. Catherine agreed that while she's glad Juan and Nikki found one another that they signed up to share their journey, and that they shouldn't be slapping the hand that fed them.

As usual, Juan Pablo acted confused by a common saying and Harrison had to explain what it meant. It was boldly clear that Harrison was fed up, and he even made the statement that he is ready to move on to next season.

Since the 'ATFR' Sean and Catherine spoke with E! Online. On Tues. March 11, Lowe also sounded off on his Twitter account:

Sean Lowe ‏@SeanLowe09 22h
My take on last night: I commend JP on not proposing if he isn't ready. And he certainly shouldn't feel pressured to say "I love you".

Sean Lowe ‏@SeanLowe09 22h
However, as the bachelor you can't say I want to keep my feelings private. You owe it to the fans and network to open up. That's the job.

Lastly, disrespecting the nicest guy in show business @chrisbharrison should be a crime. That's my take. Wish them nothing but happiness.

What did you think of the finale? Do you think Juan Pablo was unreasonable? Do you agree with Sean and Catherine? Share your comments below!

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