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Former Atlanta Fire player Connor Moore's rise was not a great surprise

Connor Moore will soon play for Boston College
Connor Moore will soon play for Boston College
Brooks School

Recently a news story highlighted that Boston College head coach Jerry York’s acquired another outstanding hockey player.

That player was Brooks Prep School defenseman Connor Moore. Many in the hockey community have watched Moore way back when he was a mite level ice and inline player. Moore played for the Atlanta Fire AAA squad for several seasons.

Some are not aware that Connor’s skills in inline competition were sometimes breathtaking to watch. At an early age he had instincts others still do not possess at the 18 and under level. His accuracy and timing have mesmerized opposing coaches and players.

I remember a game years ago when Connor was ten years old and wound up and took a slapshot from just in front of his own goal crease. Two things immediately stood out. His accuracy was phenomenal and his ability to see the split second opening in the opposing goaltenders defense of the net was the other.

He scored of course.

The 1997-born Cumming, Georgia native is in his second season playing for Coach Dave Ries at the North Andover, Massachusetts based school.

The Brooks School is off to a fast start in the New England Prep School Ice Hockey Association's Independent School League Eberhart Division.

Connor plays split season midget hockey for the highly successful Neponset Valley River Rats organization. Observers feel he might grow a little, but he probably will not be a big, physically towering defender. Moore is a player who has shown the capability to quarterback the power play and be an impact player in the transition game. He scored 10 goals and eight assists last season for Brooks and has displayed his potent slapshot.

Moore is a great skater who likes to join the rush and sneak into the play.

"Connor has a great work ethic and skill set. He's dynamic offensively and capable of taking over the game any time he has the puck. He has a good stick, great vision and can really shoot it. Connor's skating ability allows him to lead or join the rush effectively, and to recover quickly if the puck is turned over," said Ries.

Ries added that Moore's defensive game has improved drastically, and his young pupil will continue to progress in that phase of the game.

"He has always had the offensive side, but has really come a long way defensively since coming to Brooks. He's a powerful kid who plays with an edge and is our go-to guy in all situations."

Moore's selection opens up additional opportunities for other Southern based playes who have show significant potential.

It also speaks to why some gifted players seek spots in northern programs.

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