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Former AGT contestant inducted into the Bubble Wrap Hall of Fame

On January 27th, 2014, the makers of Bubble Wrap, in celebration of Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day (yes, there is such a thing), announced their very first inductee into the Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day Hall of Fame.

Eric Buss, America's Got Talent, Season 7.

The honor went to professional Comedy Imagineer and former America's Got Talent contestant Eric Buss, who received the unique honor for his Bubble Wrap Bike, which unravels and pops Bubble Wrap as he rides it.

"It's very exciting," Buss said of the honor. "We live in a great country. I'm being awarded [for] popping bubble wrap with a bike. How awesome is that?"

"It is already a satisfying bike ride," he continued, "but now it is going to be even more satisfying knowing I'm in the Bubble Wrap Hall of Fame."

The Bubble Wrap Bike also got Buss onto the last Youtube round of America's Got Talent during Season 7, the video of which has since received 1.5 million webhits.

During the Youtube round, Buss released trick snakes to The Blue Danube, a performance which received two Xs from the judges and is generally derided as a complete waste of time, for which Buss has been subsequently "honored" with yearly mentions during the Suck Month countdown.

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