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Former '16 and Pregnant' star Ashley Salazar announces second pregnancy

Ashley Salazar of "16 and Pregnant" reveals she is pregnant again
Ashley Salazar of "16 and Pregnant" reveals she is pregnant again
Ashley Salazar Facebook page

You may not remember Ashley Salazar, but she appeared on an episode of “16 and Pregnant” during the third season. On March 25, Ashley Salazar revealed that she and Justin Lane are expecting another child.

Her episode of “16 and Pregnant” was memorable and showed the young student confused about what to do about her pregnancy. Initially, she went back and forth between deciding to raise her baby on her own and to have her aunt and uncle adopt her daughter. Eventually, she chose adoption for her daughter. Now that she is pregnant again, she does worry that the daughter she gave up for adoption will one day have questions.

Speaking to Radar Online, Ashley Salazar revealed, ““I’m really excited about the baby, but I’m nervous about what Callie will think in the future. We really care about her we don’t want her to be mad at us about what we did when were really young, just teenagers and we didn’t know.”

Callie is now four-years-old and likely won’t understand what is going on, but one day she will. It is hard to say what her feelings will be towards the situation. No one is saying that someone who gives a child up for adoption should never have children again, but it does pose a difficult scenario later in life, especially when the parents play an active role in the life of the child that they gave up for adoption.

Ashley Salazar is not the first girl from “16 and Pregnant” to give her child up for adoption only to have another baby after the show. Lori Wickelhaus appeared on the second season of “16 and Pregnant” and had a hard time deciding whether or not to place her son up for adoption. Lori’s story was unique in that she had been adopted herself, making her decision even harder. Eventually, though she decided to place her son Aidan up for adoption. The good news is the adoption was open and she is still able to visit with her son. Lori Wickelhaus gave birth to a daughter last October and she and her fiancé are raising the little girl. Lori Wickelhaus didn’t receive too much criticism for the second pregnancy, perhaps because she has stayed out of the public eye.

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