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Formatting a formal complaint business letter in Microsoft Word "Business letter." Retrieved from:
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First, create a Microsoft Word document. Next, push the enter key 7 times. The purpose of this is to provide space at the top of the letter in order to place a business logo in this area. Next, enter the date of the day you are typing up the letter. Then press enter twice more. You will then need to provide a business name and address. For example, you can enter the business name "Very Happy Felipe's House of Covenanter Jumping Jacks, Co. 1948 Finnekonger Rd. Philadelphia PA, 94837." Click on the "Insert" tab and click on the Picture botton. The purpose of this is to select the image you would like to use for your business.

After this, move your image to the top. Right click on this image to alter "Text Wrapping" to "Tight" instead. This enables you to shift the picture around the page. Click on "Insert" and then click Text Box. Select a "Simple" text box. Now, phase the text box and enter the address: 1948 Finnekonger Rd. Philadelphia PA, 94837. Click on the text box. Select "Format" and click on "Shape Outline." This provides a drop-down of options. Click on "No Outline."

Type up a paragraph concerning what it is you want to communicate to the business. Since this is a complaint letter, you will be typing a complaint. Type up a hypothetical complaint about how disappointed you are in the results produced by Very Happy Felip's exercise video which recommends doing jumping jacks for 6 hours straight non-stop. After "Sincerely, [your name," type the name of the person whom you are addressing (in this case, Felipe) and your own initials.

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