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Formal Marine Corporal reunited with the Military Working Dog he left behind

Thor and Dennis catching some Z's in Afghanistan 2010
Thor and Dennis catching some Z's in Afghanistan 2010
Courtesy photo

This past week a retired military working dog was reunited with his former handler, The News Tribune reported May 22.

The reunion, brought about with the help of the Amierican Humane Associateion Mission K9 Rescue, took place at the Sea-Tac International Airport May 20. Deano Miller, a former Marine Corporal, and his dog Thor will have lots of time to make up after spending the past four years apart.

Deano first met Thor, a yellow lab, in 2010, when he served in Afghanistan with a California-based Marine battalion. Thor served with several other handlers in combat after Deano returned stateside.

Deano never forgot the dog that kept him save. Last week was the grand finale to a very long battle to adopt 7-year-old Thor. In an interview with The News Tribune, Dennis stated

“He was all I had. He was the only thing that kept me going every day. He was the only thing that was constant.”

Thor gave Deano comfort for seven months in Afghanistan’s Helmand Province, where he protected Deano and the troops he served with.

Deano and fiancee Tomi Gallegos, are excited to get Thor home. She's heard Deano talk about his battle buddy for the past three years. Tomi believes Thor will help Deano with problems he's going through.

Thor was a big hit on the plane, where Thor was flown from a canine facility in North Carolina. Passengers even stopped to have their photograph made with the heroic dog.

Thor was too excited at the reunion to pay much attention to Deano. He wanted to sniff all of the TV cameras who were there for the reunion. Several USO representatives, reporters from the Seattle area, and even a pet publication were some of those on hand to celebrate the event.

Now Thor will have a new life. He has two dog "brothers" waiting for him at home, whose role will be to teach Thor to be a normal family dog.

It would be an amazing experience to be present the first time Thor really recognizes Deano. Hopefully someone will have a camera handy, and can post that moment on a few of the Facebook military sites.

Congratulations, Deano and Thor. May you have a wonderful Memorial Day. Thank you both for your service to country.

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