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Form - No Substance

As I write this morning on Memorial Day the Pope is in Israel. Ostensibly he is pressing for a peace agreement. Lets be crystal clear. Peace is accomplished when True Truth is the foundation of such an agreement.

Hamas has as its top priority the destruction of Israel. They want to drive Israel into the sea. They will be satisfied only when there is total annihilation of the Jewish people and the Sovereign State of Israel. Peace? Not when this kind of insane metaphysical posture reigns.

I suggest the reader purchase and carefully digest The Twilight Of The American Enlightenment by George M. Marsden. He traces the loss of a transcendent and objective authority from the fabric of the USA. The consequence of such loss is there is no final arbiter by which we may resolve our differences. The result is continual decline and descent into anarchism. This is where we are and the evidence of same is the escalating conflict around the globe.

Give THANKS for those who died to preserve freedom in our land. Pray that God's Sovereign Providence restores Truth to the marketplace. Without that we will experience continued chaos.

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