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'Forgotten Sins' true story: Paul Ingram-Satanic abuse case

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"Forgotten Sins" is a movie based on the true story of Paul Ingram and the Satanic ritual abuse case in Thurston county. The movie debuted on ABC in 1996. It is based on the book and the article" Remembering Satan" by Lawrence Wright. Most of the real names were changed in the movie, according to the New York Times.

(Cast stars: Bess Armstrong, John Shea and William Devane)

"Forgotten Sins" synopsis/plot

When a local sheriff is accused by his own daughters of sexual abuse and Satan worship, he must prove his innocence, despite the fact that everyone in the county believes he's guilty.

The true story is based on the case of Paul R. Ingram, an ex-sheriff in Olympia, Wash. The real case happened between the late 1970's and late 1980's. Paul Ingram was accused by his children of sexually molesting them and making them participate in a Satanic ritual. The case shocked the town.

Paul Ingram was convicted and sentenced to prison. He was released in 2003.

"Forgotten Sins" contains themes of Satan worship, sexual molestation of a child, incest and recovered memories.

The movie is similar to another movie entitled "Just Ask My Children."

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