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Forgotten railroad beds of Cochise County

The old railway traveled through the Arizona desert near Paul Spur
The old railway traveled through the Arizona desert near Paul Spur
courtesy of the Arizona Geological History Department

Forrest Station is also known as Paul Spur and was a railroad stop between Douglas and Bisbee, Arizona. The rail stop existed because of the Mural Limestone mined for smelter flux. It is now the site of the Paul Spur Cement Plant.

But in 1910 it was the scene of a grizzly mystery. A dead man was found beneath a bridge near Forest Station, roughly twelve miles west of Douglas, Arizona. The body was discovered by a Southwestern passenger train crew as they traveled through the area early one afternoon.

The body was taken to the coroner’s office in Douglas. The dead man was thought to be about fifty years of age and an American. Near the body, according to the crew, was a burro with a pack saddle loaded with two ten-gallon kegs of mescal and a few personal effects of the owner—presumably belonging to the dead man.

These items were taken into custody by the customs authorizes and were held pending an inquiry into the mysterious discovery of the body.

Further along the old railroad line is a tunnel called Crook Tunnel. There are reports that several bodies have been found near and around the area of this old lost railroad tunnel. Do ghosts still wander along the abandoned railroad bed?

Arizona Haunted Sites examiner: Debe Branning

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