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Forgiveness is a good Lenten practice

Jesus Christ has taught us many lessons. One lesson is forgiveness. Forgiveness is a major life lesson that He would like people to do.

During Lent, forgiving someone should be on top priority of a Lenten practice. Unfortunately, forgiving can be a very difficult thing to do. However, Jesus has taught us to forgive over and over again.

Forgiveness is not to forget the past. Forgiving is to let go of a past wound so it does not eat away at our own soul. It is a sad reality that we can't use white out for the bad things that happen to us. But we can follow Jesus and allow His help to forgive.

One of the hardest people to forgive is often ourselves. As a rule, people are harder on their own self than anyone else. When you forgive yourself for past mistakes, you open the door for Jesus. He can enter and rebuild.

Going to confession is a great start to forgiving others and yourself. No one enjoys going to confession, but everyone loves the feeling of rejoice afterwards. During Lent, there are many churches that offer extra confession times. Go and find peace.

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