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Forgiveness evolved

Sometimes a news story shows that an old adage is just as vibrant and meaningful in present time.

You never want your children to be hurt by others. Yet, the sad truth is your children will experience painful exchanges in their time. Afterwards, your children may have difficulty letting go of their bruised feelings. You feel their pain as you watch them languish in the sad memories. You suggest that they find a way to forgive the perpetrators. However, your children may ask why should they? After all, they were the ones that were injured.

You want to drive home the point that forgiveness is more for their benefit, a way for them to find peace. You figure a profound quote will help in changing their perspective. An example is "To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner is you." by Lewis B Smedes. However, these are just words and sometimes you don't even put them into practice. How many incidences have you caught yourself holding a grudge that has years of dust on it?

Then a recent news story teaches the lesson of forgiveness so much better than you ever could. Michelle (Lily) Knight, who was one of the 3 women rescued after being held captive for 10 years, said in an interview that she has forgiven her kidnapper Ariel Castro. Here is a lady who experienced a horrific ordeal. No one would blame her for carrying a life-long hatred for her captor. Yet, she has found the strength within herself to forgive him and move on. By doing so, she is serving as a personification of endurance and fortitude not just to your children, but to everyone.

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