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ForGiven T-shirts

Well, nothing makes Clevelanders cry like sports. LeBron is back and the same people that were screaming on the news four years ago are now sobbing. But, it's good for the city, good for the economy so welcome back King James! And right now, LeBron shirts and merchandise is the hottest thing in town.

First thing to buy is a new jersey but everyone has to wait until it is figured out what number LeBron will use. According to The Plain Dealer (Plain Dealer Article), LeBron will be keeping the number 6. I guess it much doesn't matter. I don't know of anyone who kept their 23 jersey. I mean, half the city was burning theirs or casting voodoo spells on it. Currently, at the Cleveland Cavs Team Shop, Cleveland Cavaliers Team Shop), the jersey is showing "00".

Years ago, "Witness" t-shirts were everywhere and now, it is "For6iven" t-shirts.

Local Clevleand company, Fresh Brewed Tees, dealt with their website crashing due to so many people wanting to order the "ForGvien tshirts. ( Other varieties of "For6iven" t-shirts are on the market. (

GV Art and Design (which makes those orange "Factory of Sadness" shirts of Cleveland Browns stadium) has Welcome Home LeBron Shirts ( Check out the GV Art and Design website - lots of great local shirts!

Welcome Home! I've never seen the city wearing so much Cavs stuff in the summer! Johnny Who???

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