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Forgetting sins of omission is a serious omission

There are, according to Christians, sins of commission and sins of omission. Sins of commission involve knowingly doing something bad, let’s say, murdering someone, raping a girl, burning down a house.

Sins of omission involve not doing something that should be done, let’s say, not reporting an act of animal cruelty, not stopping to help someone badly injured, not reporting a very bad traffic accident.

It seems as if the Christians in their lives, on their TV shows, in their documents and writing, are very big on the sins of omission which they like to lightly dismiss as unimportant.

Once I asked a Christian about the sin of God ordering Joshua and the Israelites to kill every single person in the town of Jericho, followed by the same universal killing of 30 plus other cities in Canaan.

The answer for this unanswerable question was that all the Canaanites were enemies of the Israelites and thus deserved killing. Even the little babies deserved killing? Even the old infirm women deserved killing? Even pregnant women deserved killing? I don’t think so and no reasonable thinking person would come to this conclusion.

Let’s take the TV show on the Bible, constantly run on one of the several History channels since the inception of this series in 2008. In a show about Lot being a righteous person with a righteous family, it explained how two angels visited righteous Lot and urged his family including wife and two daughters with their fiancés to leave the city which was to be destroyed by God. All would be killed. The two fiancés did not accompany the family.

Wait! Even little babies deserved killing? Even old infirm women deserved killing? Even pregnant women deserved killing? I don’t think so.

The story continued as they left with Lot’s wife turning back to look in violation of God’s orders and thus turning into a pillar of salt. Lot and the two daughters went towards Zoar and lived in a cave in the mountains. With this, the TV tale of the righteous Lot and his family ends.

But that is not exactly right. A lot about Lot was left out. Lot did protect the angels parading as men when local citizens wanted the two visitors for sex. It says so – right in the Bible. But Lot, this really righteous guy, also tried to pimp out his two (the Bible says so!) daughters for the mob to enjoy sexually and do anything they wished to the two virgin daughters. That got cancelled, via the angels.

Then Lot and daughters get to the mountains. The two daughters being hard up for a little action get their father drunk and then sexually engage him. This happened on successive nights, first with the older daughter and then the younger.

Both became pregnant with the offspring (Moab and children) of the older daughter becoming the Moabites, and that of the younger daughter with a son Ben-Ammi becoming the Ammonites.

OK, don’t believe me. But it is all right there in the Bible, Genesis 19. Read it. It will only take a few minutes and then you can write me and apologize.

Then and only then, the truth will set you free. But it will not be the Biblical truth as shaded by ministers, rewritten by TV show writers or cherry picked on Wednesday night Bible readings.

It will be the real truth as found in the Bible about this Biblically righteous family whose father tries to pimp out his daughters and whose daughters get their dad drunk for sex. Remember, the truth will set you free! The lies and sins of omission of Christians only prove their inability to accept and deal with the truth about their own fairy tales.

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