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Forget Valentine's Day? Make it up with a T-Mobile Chocobox

Did you somehow manage to forget Valentine's Day? Where you so caught up in the daily grind and couldn't even remember to pick up a simple box of chocolates? If this was you and you happen to also be a sports fanatic then the best belated gift to give your loved one at this time is one that will benefit the both of you.

T-Mobile Chocobox

With the 2014 FIFA World Cup getting ready to unleash soccer mania all around the world and you trying to figure out how to make it up to your loved one, T-Mobile presents the Chocobox. The Chocobox is filled with 64 delicious chocolate bonbons and each one represents a game in the series. For each one that she eats that's a game that you can watch. It's a win win situation all the way around! She knows that you care and you get to watch sports! Not to mention it's also a great way to keep track of what teams are playing since underneath each chocolate bonbon there is listed the teams that will be playing on that specific day.

For more information about the T-Mobile Chocobox check out the video attached or visit their YouTube channel. Also don't forget to visit their Facebook page at or on Twitter at

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