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Forget about tomorrow, sip Belle Ambiance today

Take some time to sip the wine
Take some time to sip the wine
Julia Hollister

As the calendar flashes by, you need a place to forget about the ferocity of the day. Such a place is Belle Ambiance, translated to “beautiful place” and its three luscious wines.

Crafted by Delicato Family Vineyards nestled atop a rolling slope in the estate, it’s a place to pause and relax to enjoy the bliss of those rare moments when we soak it all in.

“Belle Ambiance is a new offering that resonates with the aspirational, yet - economically- conscious (each wine priced at an amazing $9.99) Millennial audience who are continuing to drive the growth of the popular premium category,” said

Chris Indelicato, president and CEO, Delicato Family Vineyards. “The essence of the land is interpreted beautifully by a sophisticated package featuring a unique die-cut label and eye-catching color.”

The 2013 pinot grigio offers delicate aromas of lemon zest, honeysuckle and ripe white peaches and excite the palate as a prelude to nectarine and honeydew flavors.

Indelicato suggests heading outdoors to sip this selection as you “revel in the sunset, a spring salad and grilled halibut.”

The chardonnay varietal is aged in French and American oak to bring out aromas of lemon zest and toasty oak followed by an anticipation of green apples and toasted marshmallows.

"Fake a power outage and enjoy this wine by candlelight, a decadent triple-cream cheese or chicken sautéed in white wine,” he said.

Don’t let the fancy label fool you, Belle Ambiance 2012 pinot noir ($9.99) is elegant and lush that opens the palate curtain with cherry and plum aromas. Dark strawberry and toasty oak linger with a lasting finish.

“Slip into your favorite comfy outfit, pick out a movie and pair this wine with pulled pork sliders and Bing cherries dipped in dark chocolate as a guilty pleasure.”

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