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Forget a blind date. Try a blind marriage.

What would you do?
What would you do?

Imagine getting married to someone you've literally met for the first time. No, not someone with whom you've had a romantic relationship from an online dating site. I mean a complete stranger. You don't know how he or she looks. You don't know his or her personality. You don't know his or her beliefs. You are unaware of his or her past. Nope. You know nothing. Zilch. Nada.

The cable TV network FYI has a new show called Married at First Sight. The "cast," which is what FYI calls the couples, agree to legally marry an individual after first meeting...during the actual wedding. Allegedly, the cast is paired with his or her perfect partner, who is scientifically chosen by a panel of specialists consisting of a psychologist, spiritualist, sociologist, and sexologist.

Married at First Sight will follow these couples post-wedding and after some weeks, the couples will decide if they want to remain married or part ways. If they don't want to be married anymore, they get free divorces. Yup, seriously. No kidding.

Honestly, I think the premise of the show is ridiculous. Whatever happened to the sanctity of marriage? To me, Married at First Sight is a mockery of marriage because it's set up like a game show to entertain folks. That's not right. Marriage should be respected and taken seriously.

Is marriage that big of a joke in today's society? It kind of seems like it is, but it is not a game. Your partner will get on your nerves. You will have struggles. You will have successes. Marriage will be full of ups and downs. But, you cannot just leave whenever you feel like it because you're supposed to be there through the thick and thin, even when things are not perfect.

Married at First Sight plays into the hype of marriage being about the wedding and the facade of a happily ever after fairytale. These couples are going to be in for a rude awakening. But, why should it matter? They basically are getting a free trial of marriage.

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